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Georgina, Year 13

I was very much a country bumpkin when I came to Nga Tawa. I had lived on a farm and gone to a casual co-ed school with big classrooms, so I needed a bit of an academic push.

At the start, I was quiet and not very good at putting myself out there. Actually, I was really scared coming to a school with a motto that says: ‘Exceed all expectations’. I wondered what on earth I had got myself into!

This year I’m boarding – as a daygirl I was basically living here anyway. I wake up in the morning and walk to the school van to go to swimming training which is a heck of a lot easier than getting Dad out of bed. I train about 16 hours a week for triathlon and head to competitions every weekend. I’m into athletics, swimming, road cycling, football, cross-country and equestrian as well. My programme is pretty busy.

Nga Tawa has been a big step up for me, mentally and physically. I’ve never been a natural academic, but with really good teachers in my junior years, supported by extra tuition when I need it, I think I’ve come a long way. I got Excellence endorsed English last year and a Merit overall. I’ve discovered that exceeding my expectations is actually possible!

I was named Head of Barker this year and I’m throwing myself into that. I’m learning lots about communication and always try to lead by example. I feel like I’ll now leave Nga Tawa as an all-rounder. And I’ve grown up in more ways than one – I used to be 5’ 5’’ tall and now I’m over six foot!


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