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Rangitikei Station to Station 4WD Trek 2017

This is Nga Tawa PFA Fundraiser - all proceeds will go towards building the Rangitikei Community Multisport Turf at Nga Tawa.

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Bridget, Year 13

When I first came to Nga Tawa I was quite smart, not very sporty and definitely a bit nerdy.

Nga Tawa has made me a lot more confident because we are presented with so many opportunities to try new things and really encouraged to take those opportunities. This year I made the 1st XI Hockey having never played hockey in my life before coming here. I never thought I could be a Prefect or Head of House and I certainly never dreamed I would be performing in a school play that’s been such a success.

Your house is a really important part of your life here. From day one, it’s where you belong and becomes part of your identity as you go through school. As Head of House I try to foster a spirit where girls encourage and help each other through. My number one rule: Be enthusiastic! I don’t care what I look like when I’m supporting my house, as long as I’m inspiring others to do the best they can. We compete for the Shield all year round on lots of things, not just sport. Everybody participates, so it’s not just left up to a few stars. No one cares if you are good or bad at something, as long as you’re just giving it a good go.

The things Nga Tawa has given me that I’ll have with me always are deep, lifelong friendships and a self-belief that I can do anything if I really try. I think the opportunities given to me here have really made me as a person.


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