Cattle Grazing Fundraiser

Rangitikei Community Hockey Turf cattle grazing fundraiser.
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Nga Tawa In Action Day - Friday 22 June

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How can you get involved?

There are 3 options to support this project and help us to raise funds for the Rangitikei Community Hockey Turf.

Options 1 and 2 are for farmers. If you are not a farmer we will gratefully accept donations and/or loans of cash which can be used to purchase cattle for the scheme (option 3).


We are seeking approximately 40 farmers who are willing to graze weaner or rising 2-year old steers/heifers for up to 12 months from early April 2017.

Cattle will be purchased at sales and transported to a southern Rangitikei property for one week. They will be delivered to grazing farms using the NAIT number of this property one week later. All trucking expenses will be covered by the scheme.

If you are willing to graze cattle for this scheme please phone Richard Lambert on 06 322 8096 or to email click here


If you are a farmer or lifestyle block owner and would prefer to support this fundraiser by donating the proceeds of the sale of any animals (eg sheep) from your property, please phone Richard Lambert on 06 322 8096 or to email click here

Option 3. Donate Funds

If you are not a farmer and would like to donate funds to assist us to purchase cattle please complete the form below:

I would like to donate:


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