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Holly, Year 11

I still think about the day I started at Nga Tawa.

Even though I knew what boarding would be like from listening to my older sisters, I was a bit lost on that first night because most of my friends were daygirls. I’ve always been quite confident and a bit loud, so once I had met the new girls in my year group, we spent the first night going room to room introducing ourselves, making friends as fast as we could!

I think we have the best year group. We’re all really close. I’ve made stronger connections in two years here than I did over 8 years at primary school. Sometimes we plan weekends where we all stay in and spend hours in the EC playing games.

I was Head Girl at my old school, but I wasn’t sure how well I would do at Nga Tawa. It’s been pretty amazing so far though. I had a lead role in the school play last year and I was second in my year group academically. My attitude to sport has changed, I’m trying hard to get fit. I really want to be in the 1st XI football so I’m doing a morning programme. I don’t dread the morning runs as much as I used to!

It’s cool to be a leader here and I look up to the older girls. I really want to be Head of Barker one day but every girl in our house wants it. They would all make great heads so competition is tough.


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