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The Nga Tawa Diocesan Trust Board is calling for proposals to manage

the construction of a full-sized water hockey turf and sports complex at the school.  

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A full-sized water hockey turf is being constructed by Nga Tawa Diocesan School with the endorsement and support of Rangitikei College, Rangitikei District Council, Rangitikei Hockey Association, Sport Whanganui and the wider community.

The Nga Tawa Diocesan Trust Board is calling for proposals from individuals or companies to manage the construction of this full-sized water hockey turf and sports complex on the grounds of Nga Tawa Diocesan School in Marton. 

The project is split into two phases:

  1. Consolidation of current draft plans into council approved, specified plans that will be put up for tender and the construction team secured for development. 
  2. Completion of construction.

 Our preference is to engage a Project Manager to complete both phases, but the Trust Board is willing to consider proposals for each separate phase, with the emphasis being on phase 1 at this stage.

The successful Project Manager will have a ‘can do’ attitude, a track record of successfully completing projects involving multiple stakeholders, on time and within budget.  As part of the project, Nga Tawa Diocesan School will provide support in the form of a communication strategy; grant applications; and the handling of finances.  The successful Project Manager, whilst not primarily responsible for communication, funding and finances, will be part of discussions around financial resourcing of the project.




Issue of Request for Proposal (RFP)

Weds 26 April 2017

Closing date for proposals

Weds 17 May 2017

Short-listed respondents notified

Mon 22 May 2017

Short-listed respondents discuss concept with the Diocesan Board

Weds 24 May 2017

Successful respondent selected and all respondents notified

Weds 31 May 2017

Project Started

Fri 2 June 2017

Phase 1 “Pre-Construction” completed (subject to successful funding)

End of Q4 2017

Phase 2 “Construction” completed

Q1 2018


Any questions you may have during the process of preparing a proposal can be directed to the Diocesan Board Chair, Roger Dalrymple ( or phone 0274 532 400).

Full proposals need to be submitted by email to the school ( by 5pm, 17 May 2017.


Development of a Nga Tawa Sports Complex is part of a collaboration between Nga Tawa Diocesan School, Rangitikei College, Rangitikei District Council, Rangitikei Hockey Association and Sports Whanganui to provide the Rangitikei community with two multi sports playing facilities – a tiger turf and other playing facilities at Rangitikei College and the full sized water hockey turf at Nga Tawa Diocesan School.

In 2016, the two projects were granted $100,000 each by the Rangitikei District Council. In early 2017 representatives from Rangitikei College, Nga Tawa Diocesan School, Rangitikei District Council, Rangitikei Hockey and Sport Whanganui signed a Memorandum of Understanding which outlines what each party brings to the partnership plus commitments, roles and responsibilities that they have agreed to such as how the facilities will be used by the community and schools, health and safety risk management, booking systems and maintenance.

The Nga Tawa Diocesan Trust Board requires a Project Manager to complete the following two phases:

Phase 1 – June-Dec 2017

  • Consolidate current site plans into specific documents that have stakeholder agreement, and can be used to secure building consents, support funding applications and ensure completion of the project to the correct specifications.
  • Obtain tenders for the construction phase of the project (also essential for funding applications), and progress through to the securing of contracts to complete the work within the agreed timeframes. This includes ensuring that all tenderers and prospective contractors coming on site meet Health and Safety requirements.
  • Assist the Nga Tawa Diocesan Trust Board with information to help secure grant funding to supplement financial support already available.
  • Develop a project plan that will meet the expected timelines for construction.
  • Develop and manage the project budget in conjunction with the Nga Tawa Diocesan School Bursar and the Nga Tawa Diocesan Trust Board.
  • Provide regular communication on progress to the Nga Tawa Diocesan Trust Board.

 Phase 2 – First quarter 2018

  • Commission and management of the Nga Tawa Sports Complex construction including liaison with all contractors to ensure their contracts and subsequent progress is in line with the budgetary and time constraints of the project.  Ensuring adherence of all contractors to Health and Safety requirements is part of the management process
  • Manage the project’s requirements for reporting on progress to stakeholders e.g. funding bodies, MoU partners, etc.

The expectation is that a Project Manager would be completing both phases of the construction.  However, consideration will be given to managing only Phase 1 at this stage, with transition to a different Project Manager for Phase 2.


If you are interested in responding to this RFP, please provide the following information, and any other information you believe is relevant to your proposal:

  1. An outline of how you intend to approach the management of this project, including an indication of whether you are interested in managing both phases of the project.
  2. An indication of the pricing structure you would require for project management of either just Phase 1 or both phases.  (Please remember that this is a community project being developed with minimal funding).
  3. Respondent information – Please indicate your availability and location.
  4. An indication of any possible conflicts of interest with your involvement in this project.
  5. References – Please provide the contact details for at least two previous clients.


Please note that neither the evaluation criteria weightings nor scoring for this Nga Tawa Sports Complex RFP will be made known to respondents.  Submission of proposals indicates respondents’ acceptance of the evaluation technique and respondents’ recognition that some subjective judgments must be made by the Nga Tawa Diocesan Trust Board during the determination of ranking order and award.

Considerable importance will be placed on the respondent’s ability to deliver the project to prescribed timelines, and at a pricing structure that fits with the community-benefiting nature of this project. 

The Nga Tawa Diocesan Trust Board is not liable for any costs incurred by any person or company responding to this RFP.


References will be sought from short-listed respondents.  Checks will be used to confirm information provided in response to this RFP as well as determining clients’ perceptions in a number of areas.  Attention will be paid to:

  • Strong relationship building
  • Willing to gain knowledge and appreciation of a client’s business
  • Adherence to, and management of timeliness
  • Robustness of account and project management processes
  • Overall client satisfaction in all services provided
  • Value for money, and
  • Innovative solutions and value-add services the respondent has provided


Artist impression of proposed complex


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