Daily routine

Friday 11 June
Friday 13 August

The girls are able to visit their horses throughout the day at various times, such as: before breakfast, at morning tea, lunch break, after school and after dinner if necessary.

Riding takes place for 2-3 hours each day following classes and for two hours on weekend afternoons. We have a number of coaches available for coaching in a wide range of disciplines, including specialists in most areas. The girls decide who they want coaching from, how often and what lessons will focus on.

A dedicated veterinarian from the local practise visits twice weekly and a farrier weekly. We also have a range of equine therapists visiting regularly including physiotherapists, chiropractors, saddle fitters, and communicators.

The horse truck goes out most weekends during term time to a wide range of shows, events and non-competitive outings. We do our best to transport everybody who signs up for the outings by taking extra trucks and floats when necessary.

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