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What can I bring to school?

We suggest you bring familiar bedding and other items that will help you feel comfortable. Bring only as many clothes as you may need for a week. There is a laundry service as well as washing facilities at school, so a lot of clothes aren’t necessary and can be difficult to store.

Can I have my own room or share with my friends?

One of the things students learn at boarding school is how to get on with others. You may room with a friend or you may have the opportunity to get to know someone you wouldn’t normally spend time with. Year 12 and 13 students have single study bedrooms.

Where can I go if I need help?

There are many people at Nga Tawa to help you if you are struggling at any time. Each student has a Dean, a Mentor and, in boarding, a Boarding Manager all there to help you. There is also the Nurse, the Counsellor, Peer Mediators, Peer Supporters, Teachers, the Director of Wellbeing, Deputy Principals and the Principal. As well, there are your sports and equestrian coaches and the school Prefects.

What happens in the weekends?

There are a variety of trips and activities planned each weekend. Once each term is a longer trip; somewhere like Taupo, New Plymouth, Napier or Wellington. Several times a term there is a visit to the Plaza in Palmerston North and Friday or Saturday movies are popular. Students sign up for the trips they are keen to go on. Any trip that is anticipated to cost over $50 has parental approval first.

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