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Georgia, 2018 leaver

I really wanted to go to Nga Tawa after hearing stories from one of our babysitters who was in Year 13. But coming from a small year group in a laid-back country school to the full on environment of Nga Tawa was actually quite overwhelming!

At first I was incredibly shy, and to make the most of Nga Tawa, I knew I needed to put myself out of my comfort zone. I played a lot of sport, I’m into triathlon, and in Year 9 I took up debating, which was terrifying. As a shy person, I never pictured myself getting up and talking in front of so many people. But now I talk quite a lot! I managed to get that Academic – Sport – Humanities balance right. Sometimes I’m not sure how I fitted it all in. There were a few 5.30am starts!

My goal in Year 12 was to become a scholar, and I had to work hard for it but I did it! I tossed and turned about what subjects to take in Year 13. My friends were very driven and they all seemed to know what path they wanted to follow. I did a personality quiz with a Careers Advisor and my friends and my Dean were amazing. They helped me get my head around it. I dropped Sciences and went down the Business Management track. It wasn't crystal-clear but I’m so glad I had the confidence to do it. 

Nga Tawa taught me not to be afraid of trying anything. I really wanted to get a scholarship to study overseas after school. I don’t know if my shy, Year 9 self would even have thought that was possible.

Despite being a recipient of The Victoria University Tangiwai Scholarship which celebrates excellence - both academic, and outside the classroom, worth $5,000, Georgia chose to study at the University of NSW in Sydney.

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